Give us a call if you need a sound guy for anything and will work something out.

Sound is so important, one little noise, any noise and you have to reshoot that scene. When I go and walk a place where we may shoot, my sound guy and my director of photography come with because they know what needs to be done. The sound guy can tell you if there’s and outside or inside noise that ruined the shot, and you need another take. The DOP looks for the best possible place to set his camera for this shot, what deflectors and lights are going to be needed. Likewise the sound guys finding where the echo’s are, where its a clean noise, and the best place’s to catch good audio or sounds.

You can have a bad spot in a film and most won’t catch it, but you can’t mess with the sound, everyone will notice it and there goes your movie, so make sure you spend some money on a good sound guy.