We have in house editing, give us a call and we will arrange something for you. Whether you need just some finishing up or a full length feature we will be here for you. We use the adobe creative suite of tools.

What is a film or video editor?

On its most fundamental level, film editing is the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots of the film into a coherent sequence. A film editor requires hours of looking through all the raw footage and then piecing it together and assembling a film all while trying to meet deadlines. He is a artist who is also the cinematographer at times or works with cinematographers, color graders and sound editors to bring sight, color, and sound together. The Editor works closely with the director of photography, this ensures that the story flows perfectly from beginning to end, each shot is carefully chosen and edited into a series of scenes, which are in turn assembled to create the finished film. At an interview film editor Walter Murch describing the job of editor to a National Public Radio reporter, said it is “a cross between a short-order cook and a brain surgeon”