We hire out our camera guys with their equipment or we can shoot an entire movie for you. They usually have a team of camera operators and assistants working under them. They determine the best angles and types of cameras to capture a shot with a cinemaphotographer. They may use stationary cameras that shoot whatever passes in front of them or a camera mounted on a vehicle that moves around with the action. Some operators use cranes and follow the action. Others carry the camera on a Steadicam while they move around with the action. Some of the things a good cameraman does are Discuss filming and editing techniques with a director to improve a scene, or they may Choose and present interesting material that the audience will enjoy. They will shoot or edit based on the vision the director had in there mind. Our cameraman will help in choosing the proper equipment, and work with a director to determine the productions total vision. We have a wide assortment of cameras and cameramen for capturing all your Digital needs. Just give us a call and we can schedule it with you. Whether you are ready to make that movie short or feature we were here for you.